Thursday, August 28, 2008

Uh, yeah, I've been distracted... by nothing?

Had a bit of a lee in posting the last few days. There was a lot I meant to get done in those days, but they have a odd way of never happening. Like I meant to post some exciting news in my RL blog that happened two days ago, but, yeah, haven't done that yet. I've been distracted by work, and sleep. Mainly sleep. I meant to get up and rollerblade (though it's a good thing I didn't, since it started raining half-way through the morning), but my bed was too comfortable and dreams too interesting. It also doesn't help that I have brand new, first-edition copies of IT and Different Seasons (by Stephen King) that recently arrived from Amazon, in addition to the callings of the first season of the X-Files. So I think my distractions are acceptable :P

As for WoW, turns out the best solution to the problems on Monday was to ignore them. Go figure. Probably not the best solution, because feelings like that have a tendency to fester if not exposed to daylight, but hopefully all parties got their meaning across and people have learned from their mistakes.

We are attempting the speed clears of BT now, which have gone rather succesfully. We cleared up to Council last night and the day before, then knocked out a couple of bosses in Hyjal, giving a grand total of nine bosses in two days. Not bad at all. Too bad it's Labor Day weekend coming up. Monday's raid is already canceled, and I believe we are taking it to a vote today to see if we will have enough people for Sunday's raid.

Not that I've necessarily given up on getting T6 chest off of Illidan, but having inspected one of the hunters in the top guild, I decided that getting Embrace of the Phoenix would be well worth it for the SV hunter in me, and offered to pay 7k gold for it. They don't have one in stock yet, so it gives me time to farm up the last 500g I need, plus the mats for the primal mights. I already have all the leather on my storage alt Leatherbag, so it's just the mights and nethers.

In addition, I also want to try fiddling with a couple of shot rotation macros, and see how they turn up. Can't say I could ever be bored!

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