Saturday, August 30, 2008

Neg disapproves (sorta)!

According to a post on WoW Insider about leveling a warrior to 80, he didn't replace any of his Kara/Gruul gear until 75, and estimated that t5 and better gear will last you until reach the level cap.

So, BT/MH/SW gear, we're stuck with this stuff until we start raiding at 80? Seriously?? I know Blizzard warned us that there wouldn't be the gear explosion that occured when the Burning Crusade would be released, but I have to be a walking stop sign for how long??

The article also makes mention of all the bugs that are currently in beta, which is of no true surpise considering the mess they brought upon themselves with the buff/debuff stacking resolvement. I really do wonder if we will see WotLK before the 2009.

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