Friday, August 15, 2008

Lvl 80 Shot Rotations

This is all theoretical, of course. Things yet to be considered are how much haste will come into play, if the 3:2 shot rotation will still be the best, etc. So bear with me as I muse over my new shot rotation.

In essence, there isn't much "new" about it. My current shot rotation is: Arcane, Multi, Auto, Steady, Auto, Arcane, Steady, Auto, Steady, Auto. With Multi shot no longer in the picture, this will be replaced by Chimera Shot, which also has a 10 second CD. Arcane will be replaced by Kill Shot, which also has a 6 second CD. The shot rotation would be proceeded by a sting of some short, most likely Scorpid with its 20 second duration. Since it only needs to be fired once and Chimera will replenish it from then on out, it does not need to be in the rotation itself, only before the rotation begins. The most difficult part will be for bosses that require a lot of movement (a la Illidari Council), where CDs will have to be watched with a careful eye and the shot rotation improvised a bit to maintain the sting.

The issues:
Using Chimera so early.
Solution: Not entirely sure, but the first thing that comes to mind is to not use this shot rotation immediately (instead something like a 1:1 of some sort), but rather wait until the ends of the stings. HOWEVER, this is impractical for Viper sting, due to it's mere 8 second duration. No matter when Chimera Shot is used, the 8 second duration would be restarted, be up before Chimera's CD, and have to be reapplied.

Mana conservation. Both Chimera and Kill use twice the amount of mana of Arcane and Multi.
Solution: Fuck. Cross my fingers and hope that mana problems will be accounted for in the raiding environment?

Where the hell will I find hotkeys for all of these shots and stings?
Solution: Yeah, right, there is no solution. I might assign my stings to some F-keys, despite that I already have Kill Command assigned there for farming. That could work. I keep my three melee attacks as 1-3, then 4 is Concussive shot, 5 is Steady, 6 is Arcane (Kill), 7 is Multi (Chimera), 8 is Aimed (Hmm.. that might be replaceable...), 9 is Scatter, 0 is Serpent Sting, - is Silent shot, and = is Hunter's Mark. I might move around Serpent Sting and Silent Shot, and put Multishot or Arcane there for farming/random PvP. If I assign my Stings to the F5-7, that could work as easy access to prelude the shot rotations.
Or I could just move Arcane and Multi to my one unused bar that has to be cycled with my main bar, but I'd rather not have to remember to do that. Hmm.. I'll have to dwell on this.

So many possibilities :).

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Rilgon Arcsinh said...

3: Kill Shot/KC macro
4: Chimera Shot/KC macro
5: Steady Shot/KC macro
F2: Serpent Sting
F3: Viper Sting
F4: Scorpid Sting


Alternatively, if you wanna get really clever about it:

F: Steady/KC
C: Chimera/KC
V: Kill/KC
X: Serpent
Z: Viper
G: Scorpid