Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh Raids of Nostalgia

Two nights in a row now we didn't have enough raiders to fill a raid. Yesterday we managed to kill Doomwalker for the gold he drops and Rage Winterchill, and amazingly, we didn't shard what Rage dropped. Poor raid make-up ended the raid early, and such was the story for tonight's raid as well. Strings of bad luck, including one of our tanks DCing due to the hurricane in Florida, did not predict success for either Teron or RoS, so we just said okay, who wants to run an old-world instance instead?

About twenty people tagged along on either their mains or alts as we ran AQ40 again. As predicted, the fights were nothing difficult, though managing the Twin Emps became too much for our tired little raid, so we didn't manage to get to C'Thun, which would have been my second visit to the old god. However, this pretty little thing did drop: Badge of the Swarmguard. I was startled at how nice that actually is, so I rolled Need against a fury warrior, and won. So now I have a pretty little thing that I'll actually use (as opposed to the pretty little polearm that I nabbed from my last run in there :P).

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