Thursday, August 7, 2008

I has power

With our leadership turnover, we promoted four new officers to replace our raid leader and loot council members that left. This bumped up the old officers, including yours truly. Though technically I don't have any more say than the rest of the leadership council (as we have deemed all officers) I am Assistant Guild Master now, giving me ginvite, promote/demote, gkick, and gbank privileges. This is mainly due to the fact that I really needed to clean up the guild bank, and because I have a ton of time this summer to take care of things. However, when classes start up again, hopefully it won't become too hectic, though I predict it might.

This also makes me the only female officer, which is always fun. I can hold my own well enough, but sexism is, and undoubtedly will always be in the gaming world, a bit rampant. But that's what the demote button is for, right? :D As tempting as gkick is, I'm trying to keep that little action to a minimum, as that's a common habit of bullies in power.

Anyway, this weekend the fiance is coming up, so it'll be a nice break from raiding. We only have one computer between us here, so if it's absolutely necessary to get the SV hunter or the main tank, the GM has my number. Otherwise, I'm going to be thinking about something other than downing Illidan on Friday night!


Rilgon Arcsinh said...

Hehe, have fun with your weekend. Illidan can wait. :P

And that's what you meant about being able to get me a spot if I rerolled Horde, eh?

Neggles said...