Friday, August 29, 2008

Farming and Dailies

As a hunter, I am well versed in the subject of farming. Most mobs die within three shots, so it's a fast process. Some times I farm just for the sake of farming: monotony, time to myself while being "productive", blowing off steam, working on leveling my turtle tank, Maturin (lvl 62!). My favorite farming haunt is west of Garadar, clearing out the clefthoof. My second favorite is the eastern half of the Twilight Ridge, hoping in vain that the drop rate for Cobra Scales has increased, though this site can be covered in other farmers as well, so it depends on the time of day. If I want to farm gold (other than the dailies), I go to Eclipse Point, where Netherweave Cloth, Sunfury Signets, Arcane Tombs, and gold itself are in surplus.

I typically stick to routine of dailies. When I can, I will do all 25, but the availability comes and goes. Typically, the two I will always do are the cooking and fishing dailies, though they are not so profitable. I will always do The Deadlist Trap Ever Laid for the 18g+ in it, along with Gaining the Advantage for the 16g+. I love doing the towers for the Spirits of Auchindoun PvP daily - I suppose I need to kill some Alliance in the world environmnt from time to time to satisfy my bloodthirsty nature :P. Fires Over Skettis is the fastest 12g that I can think of. My second priority for daily groups goes to the Netherwing Ledge dailies: The Booterang, Nethermine Flayer Hide, Netherwing Crystals, Dragons Are The Least of Our Problems, and Picking Up The Pieces. If I made the pit stop in Quel'Danas, I'll also do Ata'mal Armaments while in Shadowmoon Valley. Then I head to the Isle of Quel'Danas for the slew of dailies there: Disrupt the Greengill Coast, Don't Stop Now..., Know Your Ley Lines, Crush the Dawnblade, Open For Business, and The Battle Must Go On are the highest rewarding quests. If the mood strikes me, I head to Hellfire Penninsula for Blood For Blood and Blast the Gateway, then up to Netherstorm for Sunfury Attack Plans, then it's over to Blades Edge Mountain for Maintaining the Sunwell Portal, Bomb Them Again!, and Banish More Demons. With two dailies left, I might do a heroic or the PvP daily.

This amounts to an easy 300g for the quests themselves, not including all the gray, greens, and white materials that drop along the way.

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