Friday, August 15, 2008

First bit of loot in awhile

Wish it was something better-ish.

Forest Prowler's Helm dropped from Council finally. It's a helm that I consider to be better than T6. However, I loose three agility, and gain .6% crit. It's a tough call. Right now my Wish List item (for a Loot Council system) is the T6 chest, and once I get that (after the tank does, of course), I'll pop back on the T6 helm for the 4-piece.

I wish they would have dropped something I know I would certainly use for the rest of the Burning Crusade: Madness of the Betrayer. The trinket is the best in the game for hunters, and despite the fact that a couple of rogues have it as their Wish List item, I'm pretty sure it'll go to me first, just for the betterment of the raid.

Sigh, here's to luck.

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