Saturday, August 23, 2008


Nope, I'm still not interested in Rapid Recuperation. It's a farming talent, nothing more. Unless there is a boss with a million little guys that can guarantee I get some killing blows on, Rapid Killing is just not useful in the raid environment, only the two-minute reduction of Rapid Fire is. Where those last three points are going to go, I'm not sure yet. I'm still not completely sold to Serpent Sting, but the DoT on Viper Sting is too low and the removal of Scorpid Sting's damage reducing buff (though the unarming is quite good, too, for bosses that can be unarmed), makes it seem the only realistic alternative. I suppose the two will have to be switched back and forth depending on the encounter anyway.

So, now Disengage is useful now, which means I have to find a place for it on my main action bar, right next to the melee attacks. I predict many an incidence like Shaman's Thunder ability, only not in our favor :P. Deterrence is trainable, whoop-de-doo. That'll probably go on a side bar, despite the fact that it's my main bar now, Silent Shot needs to go back to it's rightful place :D. And Distracting Shot is actually practical for pulling a mob off of healers. Off to a side bar for it as well. Not sure what to do with Kill Command now. I suppose its place in macro-land is gone! lawl.

It'll be so much fun to try this stuff out!

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Rilgon Arcsinh said...

I've got mine in Improved Hunter's Mark so far, but if I find that it's not necessary, I may go get Improved Stings, too. :P