Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Home-Grown Huntards

Generally package deals of raiders are good things, particularly if we need all the classes within the package. We owe a lot to one officer, who came as a fury warrior with a hunter and rogue, then brought over even more raiders from his dying server, and still actively recruits for us over there. The hunter that came with him, however, I became less enthused about as time passed.

He's BM, of course, and at the time, I had just finished dealing with a BM-Supremest hunter that had mocked my current MM spec, so I gave the new guy a quick little "I'm MM, and I detest BM spec supremacy so don't start with me" speech. He took it well enough, but remained fairly quiet for the majority of the time he was on, except for a wise-crack or two. He didn't respond often in the guild's hunter channel, particularly to my frustration, because I'm the sort of person that likes affirmations that you know what you are doing when I say "Misdirect to Tank X." We got into an argument about maintaining constant Misdirects on the MT, his point being that the tank should be generating enough aggro and should have no need of our boosts. My response was, well, that's all well and good, but there's no reason not to keep his threat as high as possible to allow more DPS to be done, particularly when it means not threat of our own. He took to pulling at random intervals as well, much to my annoyance, and more than once did he do a MD pull just before I cast my own, causing confusion on my part as I crit and pull immediately when my MD did not go off.

The officer that he came with asked me tonight why I didn't like him, and I told him it was because he didn't listen. It turns out, the hunter doesn't listen to me because I don't do enough damage, so he doesn't consider me worthy to pay attention to. Now that just pissed me off. A BM hunter in little less than equal gear thinks that a SV hunter should be doing more damage. Just as icing on the cake, he solidified his damage-priority mind set on Naj'entus tonight, when he just stood there half the distance away than I was to a shaman that got the spike. He didn't even budge to screw up his 1:1 spam. I told this to his officer friend, for such selfish mentality is not what we need for raiding, let alone Illidan.

What simply infuriates me though is that a hunter does not know his own class. He actually believes that I should be on par with the rest of the physical. Don't get me wrong, I average around 1200 DPS, so it could be better, but I don't stack haste (yet) and maintain a MM's 3:2 rotation, so I keep up the buff to the raid while actually enjoying my spec. But to insinuate that a SV hunter will out perform the BM's 20% haste is asinine, and it's embarrassing that a hunter in Black Temple does not know every aspect of what contributes to his damage, particularly within his own class. I was actually tempted to gkick him based on stupidity.

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Rilgon Arcsinh said...

I'd be tempted to do more than gkick him, personally.

/nadskick, maybe.