Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm into leather

I really love Leatherworking. It was my first profession, along with skinning, and it just worked so well with the lite RP I liked to think about when I first started playing WoW. Of course, every other hunter thought this, so it's no surprise how many LWing hunters that are out there.

However, I'm a completionist. I have to have every single LWing pattern in the game. I'm 95% complete, and I'm working to finish the list.

Of course, this probably isn't possible. The largest chunk of my missing recipes are the eight or so that drop from Sunwell. Then, of course, I'm missing two belt patterns from SSC/TK, which would entail a miracle to ever get into a run. Two are from Dire Maul North, a random drop from Knot's cache of supplies. I never got the Core Armor Kit from MC, so that'll entail run of old school proportions. The remaining three are Outland drops and are just stubbornly refusing to drop for me.

The new gem of my collection, I got last night:

Yes, a crappy little level 90 LWing Boomkin vest. What makes it so special? It's from an Alliance quest. I transfered 50g over to my Alliance auction-checker toons, leveled a Night Elf hunter to 10, and leveled LWing to get the quest that rewards the pattern. /shudder. I was a NE! I felt so dirty, so, appropriately, I named her Uglyneg :P


Rilgon Arcsinh said...

You remind me of me when it comes to your professions.

Back on my old Hunter who was sold and deleted in Vanilla, I had every engineering schematic in the game, even all three from MC and the Snowmaster 9000 from the Christmas stuff.

I felt so good when I got the last one (Biznick's).

Neggles said...

The guy that kept me company and then helped transfer it back Horde side said that he didn't realize that patterns were like Pokemon >.>

Maevet said...

could have been worse...

you could have accidently mades Nelf Male and by freak event not be able to delete it....

dey's fugly mon.