Saturday, August 30, 2008

*grumble grumble*

Rilgon over at Stablized Effort Scope can be happy for both of us over the wonderful, beautiful boost to Trueshot Aura. However, I'm frustrated over the scaling of stats.

A friend in beta was looking at gems, reporting that the lowest green gems will have better stats than our current highest gems (read, 12 agil verses our current 10 agil). So far, the best gems they have out are double what we have now. So, 20 agility is what we will be gemming our epics with at 80. HOWEVER, chew on this: right now, 40 agility is equal to 1% crit. At 80, 83 agility will be equal to 1% crit. This means that while 10 agility is good for a .25% crit, 20 agility at 80 will be worth .24%.

Hmmmm.... this reminds me of a theory in evolutionary biology called The Red Queen Theory. It essentially outlines an arms race between a predator and prey, where the prey may continually develop better resistance to the the predator, and in response, the predator evolves better means to capture the prey, and so on and so forth. It is called the Red Queen Theory from "Alice In Wonderland" because essentially, the predator and prey are running and running to stay in the same place. And here we are. Everything is scaling up, but essentially, we are running to stay in the same place. In fact, it almost looks like we are running and running just to loose ground....


Rilgon Arcsinh said...

No, and I've been running the same numbers over in my head, too. It's actually kinda frustrating - are other classes scaling as poorly as we are?

I mean, a Stabilized Effort Scope on live is roughly 1.27% crit, right? The new Heartseeker Scope, which is supposed to be the spiritual successor (and no, I'm not renaming SES), is less than 1% crit at 80!

I mean, unless us Engineers are getting a LOT of new scopes in Wrath... ugh.

Neggles said...

I believe it's all around similar scaling.

I'm very curious about what this entails. This whole leveling out of the classes and buffs/debuffs, Blizzard claims to be doing to simply make it fair and equal. At the same time, what will this mean for the raid environment itself? What will the bosses be like, if any tanking class can tank it, if any raid make up can kill it? How far are they going to "dumb" it down?