Monday, March 16, 2009

3.1 LW

  • Added a recipe for combining Borean Leather Scraps into Borean Leather. You can still use Borean Scraps from your inventory to combine them.

I assume that the Borean Leather Scraps changes just reflects another profession leveling relief for some of those dry gaps.

  • Added new recipes for epic gear, found rarely on Ulduar bosses. These recipes are unbound and can be traded.

Yay, instance patterns! I admit, there is a certain appeal to them - collect them all, and you become in high demand. On the other hand, don't collect them all, and your OCD causes your eyes to twitch... or maybe that's just me. The pattern's BoE state makes me think the items are going to be BoP (think shoulders and chests from TBC), and no doubt of a decent upgrade. I'm keen on seeing professions go back to producing usable upgrades instead of just enchants. The list of these patterns are here.

  • Several lower-level items crafted by leatherworkers have received major changes to make them more appealing.

Ah, more business for the leveling professions, or me, the monopolizer of Trade chat's leatherworking needs.

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Rilgon Arcsinh said...

Nah, all the items are BoE too.