Sunday, March 15, 2009


My, that's a nice pulse baton you have there >.>

On a similar note, I finally got around to seeing Watchmen. I enjoyed it, though it did lead to a conversation with the significant other as to which was more graphic, it or 300. It may be that I've just become considerably desensitized, but I found the most disturbing part of Watchmen was Nixon's third term.

One final left to go, then I'm home free for three days to work on my BA and play a lot of WoW.

That reminds me: I'm going to Florida for 10 days (Spring Break!) for a Field Ecology class, which means I won't be posting much. My plan is to do a bit of a write up about Neg and place the postings on auto. That's the plan, anyway.


Anonymous said...

lol, is that a Pulse Baton in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

I saw Watchmen last night! I think 300 was more grotesque...Watchmen was more Porn. *nod* I must say though, the part where the guy...and his arms...and the door to the place...(don't want to give it away) was pretty gross. What, they didn't want to just shove him over a little?!

Negathle said...

What, and leave that handsaw unused for more than 30 seconds?! Blasphemy! :P

I totally cracked up during the sex scene with Hallelujah playing. Great soundtrack, abet a weird one!

Nassira said...


I gotta get me one of those!!