Saturday, March 21, 2009

AFK ~11 days

I'm off to meander through southern Florida for the next 11 days for a Field Ecology class. Yes, I am so nerdy that I choose to spend my spring break identifying birds, catching small mammals, dodging alligators, and (most importantly) playing with insects.

My internet access will be limited, but I'll have some entries on auto-post to keep you all amused. My WoW playing will be down to the two days that I will dare to log on and check/purchase my Oracle egg. I say "dare" because I will be on my crap-tastic Dell, a laptop that I raided on for over a year and am now quite uncertain how I ever tolerated it. However, considering I start jonesing for WoW hard after about two days of non-raiding, I'm curious to see how my withdrawal symtoms will manifest themselves after a full week...

Enjoy the coming spring, and happy hunting! See you in April!

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Eidtalheg said...

Have fun!
Field schools are great - full of interesting people who are actually interested in your mutual area of expertise. I spent a summer at an archaeological site in Israel one year, and it was well worth the expense.