Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fast night

With 3.1 on the horizon now, there has been some push to start doing the achievements that don't necessarily provide anything more to the encounter besides difficulty, i.e. Six Minute Malygos, The Immortal, etc.

Typically we one-shot Maly, leaving the rest of the night to grinding out Sarth3D. Last week we introduced the idea of working the the six minute achievement, and pointed out things to start getting into the habit of doing, such as moving on every other bubble and range immediately on the Scions..

Our strategy is to move Maly around as the sparks come, which is no easy feat in itself (seriously, like a 800-pound gorilla, a Dragon Aspect moves only when he wants to), allowing the sparks to land in the center of the platform. We currently have 1 to 2 DKs in raid, neither are "specced" for the fight, but for the most part, spark stacking hasn't been too much of a problem. It is important to get him to 50% before the second vortex, though timing with spark speed, Bloodlust, and vortex -> speech can be haphazard.

Since sparks only last for a set amount of time now, spark stackingx4 is no longer a feasible method, so we have to make it up in other ways. In Phase 2 our main plan is to allow the range to work on the Scions in the air while the melee deals with the Nexus Lords. If a spark or two are still down from Phase 1, a single range can easy take down half the health of a Scion alone; if not, well, it's about focus-firing. The range also needs to remain in one place for as long as possible. To do this, we only move every other bubble - one person calls out when to stay and when to move. This means that by the time the Deep Breath occurs, the bubble is quite tight, and everyone must be centered under it.

By the time Phase 3 hits, if P1 has gone according to plan, Maly should be at 20-25%. To help shave off time in P3, we are working on the strategy where no one shields, maintaining only the DPS rotation or healing. This strat relies heavily on the group healing spell, so it is important that everyone groups up and moves together.

We worked on it for about 45-minutes last night, making significant improvements (shaved off 1:30 from our previous record) in three tries before calling it a Kill and moving on to Sarth3D. However, we made three awesome attempts before killing him on the fourth try, making it our fastest night on Sarth yet. Next week we will kill off Sarth3D first, then spend the rest of the night on the Malygos achievement.

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