Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Name Clarification

I first created a Blogger account in order to comment on other blogs. I used Neggles - a name of endearment that a girlfriend-guildee called me. I thought it was less abrasive than my full character name, and since I was just a commenter at the time, it needed only to be notable.

When I started the Butterfly, I disliked doing it under Neggles (since it was just a minor nickname) but needed to keep it connected to my comment name, so I just ran with it. In that time, I've commented under Neggles, Negathle, and Neg (which is what everyone usually calls me). While the three can be easily associated with each other, on the fly the connection can be missed; not to mention the fortune that Neg-based names are relatively rare, so there has never been confusion, though the chance is still there.

With the addition of Twitter to my blogging experience, I've decided to make an active effort in replacing Neggles with Negathle. I thought that Blogger's Display Name was akin to account name, such that replacing it would mean starting over, but a little digging finds that it may be changed as well (Google Account -> Blogger Settings). Neggles is fully replaced!

So Negathle it is, but please, feel free to call me Neg ;).

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