Monday, March 2, 2009

Sarth10+3D Grinding

For the past several weeks we haven't had the chance to really work on Sarth10+3D. Mainly we have lacked the people we need, due to unfortunate MIAs or simply scheduled nights off. So tonight was the first night that we've had a chance to work on it.

Our raid was comprised of a Druid MT, Warrior Add Tank, Holy Priest, Holy Pally, and Resto Druid healers, SV and MM Hunters, Enchance Shaman, Fire Mage, and Affliction Lock.

On our best attempt we managed the second drake to about 60%. We blew Bloodlust on the first drake, and I blew back to back Rapid Fires on the second.

The Tallstrider is great for this fight. The OT was really pleased when all of a sudden the couple dozen or so adds on him all missed.

Also, this macro is great considering Hunters are the only class taking care of the enraged adds:

/tar Lava Blaze
/cast Tranquilizing Shot

It worked nearly every time - the only time I noticed it didn't work was when the add was in the middle of everything (and I couldn't target it by hand anyway) - and it saved a lot of effort of actively trying to Tranq the elementals.

Tomorrow we might work it some more. The Immortal is scheduled, so we'll see.

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