Friday, March 27, 2009

In the field (still)

Due to high winds, we cannot do some of the bird trapping that we had intended to do, so today is essentially a break day until the afternoon, when we might try some bird netting then.

So, here I am, on an ancient computer at the Archbold Biological Research Station. It's still running IE 6.0 (shudder) on Windows 2000 Professional (shudder shudder). I feel like I'm 10 years old again, only no longer excited about using a state of the art computer... Strangely enough, someone has been to both my guild site and the Butterfly from this very computer in November 2008. I wonder who it was!

I've been tagged in memes, both here and on Facebook. This seems to be the season for "tag-your-friends" everywhere. I'm also very behind in all my blog reading and posting, as if it wasn't obvious. I've been spending my free evenings writing up that short story bit, but it's been rough going.

I return to civilization on Wednesday, at which point I promise to post a couple of happy lepidopteran pictures and spend copious amount of time on WoW. It has been a solid week without it, and I've had several dreams about the game, but those have been the only really notable symptom of my withdrawal.

Off to enjoy my internet time!


Anonymous said...

Well, have fun Negs! I look forward to your return.

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

Windows 2000 Professional (shudder shudder)

Hey, Win2K is a good OS, stop the hate. :P