Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's your title, girl?

If you could have any title (in game or completely made up), what would it be? Pike asks, so of course, we oblige.

Negathle would either be Negathle the Determined or Negathle the Solitary. Both fit her temperament well. One day I'll post my character's story and show why.

Over at Slow Wolf, Klinderas wants to know what makes your character angry. Neg, above all, hates waste. Waste of resources, waste of time, waste of energy - Neg can't stand any it. If there is something to be done, some pressing need that can be satisfied, she must meet it.

Some slow day, I'll write up something explaining the history of my character. I used to write a lot as a kid, but college killed that habit. I miss imagining stories though, so once I have free time again, I'll get back into it as a minor aspect of this blog.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you're writing now!

But you're studying!..



In any case, can't wait to read it when it happens.

Negathle said...

Writing fiction /= writing about Sallust's depiction of the Catilinian conspiracy...