Friday, July 24, 2009

Trial run

So I've been running with the Hunter's Mark spec for a couple of days now, and I can't really say my DPS has changed much, but it definitely didn't go down. Here are my observations:
  • It makes it very easy to use Imp. Steady Shot and guarantees that Chimera will be the shot to use it, and I like that but...
  • Fucking up the rotation is a pain to fix. Misdirecting became a rather annoying hassle at the beginning of the fight. Since I don't want to loose a tick to the initial Serpent Sting placement, followed by Chimera, I've tried starting my MDs with Aimed, but really, it screws over your initial DPS since you have wait to hit Aimed until Chimera is up. I moved Arcane away from my rotation hotkeys so I wouldn't use it, but I think I will for Misdirecting.
  • Soloing sucks. One less instant is just a pain in the ass, and if I do use Arcane, I run out of mana quickly (but that might have just been a poor replenishment instance, as well).
So, yeah. The online spreadsheet I worked out the DPS for shows the keeping those three points into Imp Hunters Mark over Imp Arcane boosts my DPS, with another minor boost if I keep Arcane Shot out of my rotation... I'm honestly not sure where I want to do with this, though I did pick up the Armor Pen shoulders from Flame Leviathan 10 tonight.

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Shagrat said...

For MDing I use Arcane/Silencing/Auto. Since Silencing isn't on the GCD, that leaves my chimera and aimed free for their normal spots in the rotation, plus the chance of a piercing shot proc ticking extra threat after the MD charges are used are reduced to nil.