Friday, July 17, 2009


Like I said earlier, my impatience knows no bounds. I so dislike the fact that I can't do anything to fix my WoW situation (or my equally topsy-turvy RL situation) that even my guildees have noticed my anxiety, though I'm only hinted at my eminent departure. My dear Guild Master knows the frustration I am going through and started finding solutions for me.

My GM is on good terms with the leaders of both the progressive guilds on server and nearly all the other mid-progression guild masters, so he asked around for their raid times. Every one was on par or later than ours, except for one. One guild raids earlier by an hour, putting me back on a 10-1 raiding schedule, abet they only raid three nights a week. Like most other mid-level progression guilds, they are going through the Summer Slump. They've done a couple of Hard Modes we haven't, but other than that, they are on the same progression track.

Even though my GM continuously caution's me to take it slow, I'm anxious to figure out a solution to my WoW instability. After all, it's not only me who has to go through this, but the Boy as well. He's been staying up with me until raid ends, and when we woke up this morning, he expressed his dislike for waking up so late. And joining this other guild gives me the opportunity to stay on server with all of my dear guildees, the one thing that tore my decision between leaving server or quitting WoW. Even if this doesn't work out, I can always guild shop off server...


Kheldul said...

You will appreciate only raiding 3x/week when you get a job.

Sal M said...

^^^This. Even raiding 3x/week can get rough depending on schedule (bed 2-3AM after raid and dailies, awake 7:30-8 AM o_0)
-Fluffywumpki [Dark Aftermath] Kilrogg US

Nomasun said...

Join our guild! :P

we raid 10-1 EST, Tues/Wed/Thu/Fri
with Friday being some loot farming and the first 3 days being progression raiding. (That way you can still have a social life on the weekends)

We have 30-40% female players, (and some very diverse players otherwise) I think our average age is 30something, with a few exceptions of course. We are an 18+ guild so that we don't have to watch our language, we have a twisted sense of humor but never with the intention to hurt anyone. (basically we love to laugh)

We're on Auriya and have beat everything outside of Ulduar except Sarth 3D.
If you're interested post a hello on the public forum on the guildpage and we can send you the vent info so you can at least get to know some of us before considering a transfer.

Negathle said...

Sorry, but I'm not Alliance :P