Thursday, July 16, 2009

Asleep at the keyboard

No, I haven't fallen asleep in the middle of raid yet, but it's coming damn close. Whereas I was in a semi-acceptable sleep schedule of 1ish to 10ish, now I'm fully transited to a 2ish to 11ish, which is a far cry from being acceptable. It's too bad I'm one of those people whose natural rhythms demand nine hours of sleep - the Boy only needs about seven... So I'm hovering over the keyboard at 1 AM EST, trying to stay focused on the fights, not talking in Vent, and attempting to not read two Vanquisher tokens when only one dropped. It's only a matter of time before I do something detrimental during an encounter, and I really don't like that thought...

I told myself that I'll go for the rest of the raid week in attempt to figure something out, but I think at that time I will start guild shopping. It didn't help that the other east coast officer logged on last night to announce that his raiding is going to be cut back due to a change in job schedule. It's one of those things where I think I could do it if I had another guy there struggling with me, but now that empathy is leaving, it's a strong pull to follow.

I asked my Guild Leader if he blamed me transferring, and he said, as usual (and in his super strong, sexy French accent), "Theese eese life, Neg. We will wurk somezing out." I hate even more the thought of leaving my guild in the middle of the Summer Slump. We had 22 raiders on last night, and though we had enough skill to pull of a flawless Hodir kill, a nearly flawless Freya kill, and a rather impressive Vezax enrage-wipe, it just wasn't enough to put us at Yogg, and so we 21-manned VoA to end the night early. I have no doubt that my guild will survive - they always have - but it doesn't make me feel any less guilty for leaving them struggling so.

Now it's just time to wait and see. I'm a notoriously impatient person with regard to just sitting. I'm patient enough when I'm working towards a goal, not so much when I'm just waiting for a goal to come to me.

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Thunderhorns said...

If you have to leave, hopefully you'll find a decent guild to transfer to. I'm sure there are many that would take a well-geared, skilled hunter.

As a positive note, I'm sure you'll have plenty to blog about if you start on a new server with a new guild. I just hope you find one that isn't full of jerks.