Monday, July 27, 2009

Just breathe.. just brea- oh FFS!

More than once a raid night I have to remind myself that I am no longer an officer, and hence, can no longer tell people what to do and expect to be listened to. It's not easy, especially when I've only experienced some of these fights when I'm the one in control.

One of the traits I was hopeful of seeing when I joined this guild was skill, and while I found it in a lot of player's DPS, it was painfully obvious that it lacked in other regards, such as teamwork. When I asked how this guild did Vezax, I was warned that the range failed at shadow crash. I couldn't believe it. How can players that know how to pump out the DPS so adequately fail so miserably at strafing side to side and back for life leech? And, sure enough, range died to shadow crash. I felt like calling it out, particularly to the players who were bragging about their consistently low latency, how they can react so slowly if they are not lagging. I watched people move away from the range group, as if they just had to be apart, and I have no idea why. When we did a single attempt at Hard Mode, the raid leader immediately berated the range for scattering once the Animus formed. What, is your ego simply too big to be crowded with the rest of us? Seriously, I don't get it.

Vezax died quickly enough, and on we went to Yogg to work on Two Lights. Now, here is the best example I have ever seen of a Cluster Fuck. If you looked up Cluster Fuck in the Oxford English Dictionary, it would have a diagram of this "strategy". Of course, I say all of this in annoyance simply because I'm not used to this execution, but it still applies to the general lack of order present throughout the attempts.

Now, my old guild only had so many kills on Yogg, I fully admit, but our failure was not the result of strategy. Our execution was very clean, people spoke only when necessary to relay information, players moved together and listened to directions. We failed due to player weakness. Here, the reverse is true.

I suppose it's that ego-bit that comes into play when people simply go their own way with their own priorities, and even why the guild leaders don't do another strategy that requires people to follow more direct orders. All I know is that I have never had to kill my own Constrictor Tentacle before, despite being surrounded by other players. There was no tentacle priority, no leader calling out where to move for what tentacle. The brain group didn't have assigned portals. People were running around everywhere.

I was very annoyed.

It's just a matter of time before I get used to it, of course. But until then, I just need to continue biting my tongue and wait to vent my frustration through PvP.


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