Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fickle droprates suck

In the two-ish months we've been in Ulduar, I believe we've had every single plate item drop multiple times (the Shardplate Greaves from Hodir immediately spring to mind), but everything else tends to take its precious time.

Cindershard Ring finally dropped, and I bid for that baby faster than you could blink, despite the fact that it puts me a full 1% over the hit cap. I've already mentioned that we haven't seen a single Lotrafen off of Vezax, but I'm getting my hit gear collected for the day when I can finally turn in my hit-stat stick for a more friendly dps stat sit. Nymph Heart Charm is sitting in the bank (and still unbound), just in case.

Regardless, still haven't seen any new bracers, and I'm just waiting for XT to deny us the gloves on hard mode.

The Random Number Generator can kiss my pretty tauren butt.


dangphat said...

hmmm...slightly over hitcap
I am hoping they double it so my hit isnt wasted, every drop i get seems to have hit on it:

Negathle said...

Holy fuck. Get a new trinket, gun, and cape STAT. That trinket alone will carve out a ton of what you are wasting! Oy, that sucks >.<

Anonymous said...

I feel ya. Ulduar just doesn't drop much for hunters other than the ranged weapons. On a full clear, we're lucky to see 1 useful piece o' gear drop. Compare that to the plate and caster gear, which we shard more often than not now.

Oh, and out of 8 shoulder tokens from Yogg, 7 have been Vanquishers. Nice.

If not for our dkp cap, I would be saving my dkp for 3.2.