Monday, July 20, 2009

Ode to my guild

I joined my present guild two years ago when my then-current guild died due to lack of raiders, and a trio of us decided to look for a new home. I never really dreamed we would find a place as great as what we found.

I'm sure my guild is no better or worse than any other guild, but it's comfy - there's just no other way to putting it. It really does just feel like your childhood home: Every nook and cranny is recognizable and instantly familiar. This guy will always be doing this, another guy will always respond this way. It's constant and predictable, and I will miss it greatly.

After much thought, I've decided to leave the server all together. I'm going to treat my leave of the guild like removing a band-aide: Quick and fast (as my GM would say) so it doesn't hurt as much. I fear that if I stay on server, but out of my home, I cannot be entirely loyal to my new guild, which is just not fair to them. I will be terribly lonely staying at a neighbor's house, looking out at all my family, trying to spy in on my old life. Sure, there would be tells and party invites, but it won't be the same as having the green guild chat filled with familiar names, the red officer chat discussing inappropriate topics right before a pull. And if there is one thing I know I cannot afford, that is to return to my guild to raid, and I will be sorely tempted to do so if I stay on server.

I spent yesterday afternoon guild shopping, and filled out two applications, with both having promising responses. One is a bit more progressed than the other, but the lesser progressed is also on a PvP server, which I'm not entirely sure I want to try and transition to. The more progressed actually had a hunter representative come over and chat with me after raid, despite my warnings that I was very tired. We discussed my gems, glyphs, and spec, and even delved into some more theorycrafting than I actually felt comfortable with, though I think I winged it well enough considering my exhausted state. He mentioned the effects of haste with Glyph of Chimera and Glyph of Aimed, something I genuinely hadn't completely considered (yay food for thought!). We also talked a little about Imp Hunter's Mark, and he seemed rather impressed by the idea of having two MM in raid: One with TSA and the other with IHM. Excuse me while a drool...

So yeah, it would be a big change going to either of these guilds, and I think that will be enough to help me with the pain of leaving my beloved current guild. The times will be more managable, and that will help my RL situation (not to mention the Boy's). Now it's just a matter of going this week or the next.


Kheldul said...

Anyone who reads your blog would be a fool to not ask you in if they have room.

Plug your blog on your app. ;-)

(No, we don't have room. And we're not the friends of the Forsaken.)

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

Haha, funny you mention that, Khel - my new GM stated that SES was part of her decision to take me on.

I wish you the bestest of luck, Negs. Leaving friends is hard, but it's really for the better even though it hurts SO bad right now.

Shagrat said...

It's definitely not easy to leave friends behind but sometimes you have to do what you have to.

By chance, was Turalyon the realm you transferred to?

Negathle said...


Yes, it was.

Shagrat said...

Just checking. I saw you by the north bank in Dalaran and thought the name seemed familiar.