Thursday, February 11, 2010

They said it couldn't be done

They said it was impossible.

It could never be realized.

But I have come today to say that the impossible could be realized.

Dreams do come true.

And Neg has leveled an alt to 80.

Okay, okay, so I cheated and rolled a Death Knight. Her entire existence is dedicated to farming, so I don't feel too ashamed about it. Regardless, now that Zinaida is 80, this gives me the excuse I've been waiting for to roll my second hunter! Squee!


Shagrat said...

Grats Neg.

My warlock is about 80% exp away from being 80, which will be 80 #6. *cough*

Hi my name is Shagrat and I'm an alt-o-holic.

Pike said...

Hehe, grats!

Torgall said...

Yay grats!

My DK just hit 80 on Monday night. Had to level as Alliance :( so I can tank for my son who has had an 80 ret pally for many months. He leveled to 78 as Holy but got tired of all the, "why did I die even though I spammed all my aoe dps on the mobs that weren't being tanked," nonsense so he switched to dps and says he will never heal again, lol. Poor kid.

Anyway, my death knight was my 3rd 80, my second was a Troll resto shaman (yes, leveled the whole way as resto without enough gold to ever buy all my offensive skills) on a pvp server. So I've now leveled a dps, a healer, and a tank. Time for another hunter!!!