Monday, February 22, 2010

Hunter 2.0 - Level 20

Nerdette hit lvl 20! Yay!

For my pet, I took Mania's advice, and tamed a beige/glowing blue scorpid from Durotar. In keeping with my 'nerd' theme, I named it bCarboline - after beta-Carboline, the organic amine that causes scorpions to glow blue under UV light.

I also picked up chemistry alchemy as my second profession, with fairly nice results so far, though I am reliant on my baby shaman (38) to herb for me.

I did two instances through the LFG system, Ragefire Chasm and the Deadmines. It was the first time I ever did either instance at level, and it was fun, though a bit frustrating when I had all of two shots available to me. The RFC run was reduced down to me, the bear tank, and a priest healer when we killed the demon boss, and the other two DPS took their look bag and ran. We finished off the quests, and it was fun three-manning the rest of the instance. The Deadmines were particularly interesting since it is a historic Alliance instance, but it was a lot of fun.

Other observations of leveling a hunter four years later:
  • Regardless of your weapon speed, autoshots take forever when you have no other instant shots available to you.
  • Getting Multi-shot felt like a breath of fresh air, but it sucked my perception of having a decent mana pool dry.
  • Hunter's Mark has to be the most useless spell at level ever. I used it on name guys, and that's it.
  • Talk about a refresher of kiting skills! I have become so pro at the run-stop-autoshot-run kiting scheme now. Also, Wing Clip and Concussive Shots, may I never belittle you again.
Regretfully, I have a lot on my plate lately, along with some drive to level my druid and shaman up some as well, so it might be some time before Nerdette hits 30. She will though!

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Anonymous said...

One of the BoA trinks can help with your auto shot speed.