Tuesday, February 23, 2010


One of my dear friends/guildmates quit WoW today. His life brought up some sudden obligations, and he decided to make the necessary sacrifices. His account time ended, and he uninstalled WoW. We are in contact through Facebook, but I will still miss him greatly in game. It was he who motivated me to transfer back to Kilrogg in the first place, even though he hadn't said a word to me about it - it was just the memories of the years we spent together as guildees and friends that made me decide to end my time on WoW with friends.

He's only been gone one day, but I suddenly feel extremely lonely and friendless. I joined a VoA25 PuG, and as usual, I inspected the other hunters. One outgeared me, was gemming correctly, had a bit of an unusual spec, but I still wondered if I wouldn't beat him. Sure enough, after Koralon, I got whispers from the hunter (and a lock, wondering about Piercing Shots and if they had renamed Chimera Shot...) asking about my DPS. I have no idea how I did or how I compared since I no longer use a damage meter, but it was a nice ego-boost having people inquire about my damage - one I would've shared with my friend. There was nobody on to talk with, and it saddened me greatly.

This is another nail in the coffin, I'm sad to say. Obviously, I have not yet killed the Lich King, so my time on WoW is not over yet, but it is approaching. I just wish it didn't hurt so much.


Brigwyn said...

Hey Negs! *hug*?

I can really understand your feelings. There really isn't anything like having an in game friend that you can turn to and say "HEY! GUESS WHAT!!"

But don't forget us #Warcraft friends on twitter and your blog.

When you're time is up we'll be missing your perspective on the game. But until then, know we're still here.

And afterwards? I hope you're writing somewhere so I can follow. XD

Negathle said...

Thanks Brig :)

I don't tweet as much as I should, I think, but it is a comfort to know that people still hit up the Butterfly for some angry raider WoW :P

Jay said...

As with Brigwyn; I too can completely understand the feelings. Real life impacts the game world so much at times that it just feels game changing..

My partner and I have just (7 weeks ago) had a child and it's taken me out of game for a while, well out of raiding like i was anyway.. Purple pixels will always be there; the first few weeks of Bubs life wont be. I know i made the right call.

However; for the longest time WoW was a huge part of my world, socially and I miss it immensely. I still log in and do my thing; but it's not the same without these people..