Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hunter 2.0

Before I log off of WoW for the last time, I want to relevel Neg. I loved leveling her; it was what I looked forward to the most with both expansions. Sadly, pressure to hit 70/80 usually took all the fun out the experience, and I never got to enjoy the pleasure of questing for experience instead of gold like I wanted to. So, before the hunter class gets a huge overhaul, I want to level the class like I know it.

Obviously, there have been several changes to the class since I leveled it for the first time over four years ago, and I'll never again be able to experience what it was like leveling Neg, but compared to what they are going to do in Cataclysm, I think it'll just have to be close enough. After all, I never had Steady Shot or Aspect of the Viper. I certainly never had the incentive to get gear with Int on it. And Aimed Shot? Yeah, that was a cast.

It goes without saying that I'll be leveling as Marksman. Why change up something I love? However, I won't be leveling as a Tauren. I know, I know - the race is practically in my blood - but I already have four Tauren, and I want to break away from the Family and do something a little more exotic and more appropriate to the class (stupid, stupid racials). Her existence will be outside the storyline of the Highmountain Clan, though I suppose if anything, you could call her Negathle's protege (oooh! potential for a Krunch-Gid type of relationship!) Professions will be Skinning and... I'm honestly not sure yet. The skinning was going to be a given, since I miss the profession on Neg a lot, but I'm not certain about the second prof. She won't be a Miner or an Herbalist, since I absolutely detest having to switch back and forth between two types of Tracking. I already have a Leatherworker, Blacksmith, Jewelcrafter, Enchanter, and Engineer. Alchemist, perhaps? My baby Shaman is an herbalist...

Anyway, without further ado, I give you: Nerdette


Pike said...

I tried rolling an orc hunter once or twice-- immediately had to go reroll Tauren ;)

Planning on LFG or questing? Or a combination of both? I gotta admit, I love question, but LFG has got me spoiled.

Torgall said...

Not only was Aimed Shot a cast... it was a looonnnnggggg cast. And yet I loved the day I could finally reach it!

And don't forget to get another heirloom dagger at 20 to dual wield. I outfitted my alt hunter with just one thinking I couldn't dual wield until 40. He's 36 now, and I just discovered he could've been carrying two of those things for the past 16 levels. But hey... level 20 for Torgall had to be 3 years ago, maybe more? (I'm getting too old)

Finally, glad you are sticking with Marks! :P I tried this BM is all the leveling craze nonsense on my 2nd hunter to about the 20s. I just couldn't take it anymore. Marksmanship all the way for me!

Negathle said...

@ Pike I think a combination of both. It think it will be fun trying some of the instances at level for once!

@ Torgall Aye, my second dagger is already in the bag - though, I did forget that DW wasn't until lvl 20!

Anonymous said...

The one thing i've noticed about leveling again is that it honestly goes too fast. Yeah - really. With all the experience buffs pre-60 and 2-piece heirloom rocking an additional 20% I was flying through levels.

If I were gunning to hit 80 fast it would be great. But I was honestly trying to see as much of the old world as I could before the quests went gray.

It just went by too fast.

Doherty said...

Ahh, I have some good memories from leveling. I don't think much can compare to the feeling of stepping into WoW and leveling up for the first time. Sure, I bet there were parts where it felt like just a grind. WoW was my first MMO though, and while you are a new player, the whole world seems so amazing. Sadly, that state of mind fades with more experience, and I think we all take a lot for granted as we build up our /played. Enjoy leveling your new Hunter, Neg. Nowadays I don't think I'd ever get bored doing so. I love the Hunter class, and it's painful thinking about what its future will be like with Cataclysm.