Sunday, February 14, 2010

Suffer, mortals!

I'm a lucky individual. I don't kid myself that any skill or riches or divine intervention had any input on my life - I'm just fucking lucky. It makes you appreciate the good parts in life that luck sends your way, certainly, and you don't take for granted when a little more luck comes your way.

I've found a 10 man. They raid at 5 PM server time - 8 PM for me - and ends whenever, usually around midnight for me. They care about raiding, they are interested in pushing content. They can't wait to down the Lich King and start working on hard modes. I think I'm in love. The first night I raided with their 10man group (as opposed to the 25man GDKP they do that I run as well - more about that later), we downed eight bosses. The second night we downed two more, and got another to 17%. I can't say I've been happier since I came back to Kilrogg.

A note on that last boss we worked on: Sindragosa is probably one of the most fun fights I've experienced in a long time. It might even be in hunter's favor that our spells do not trigger Instability and autoshots do not trigger Chilled to the Bone. (I only had four stacks of the debuff three times in probably seven attempts.) We can disengage out of her Icy Grip, though not far enough to be safe or out of melee range (fucking dragon hitbox). Having a min-range does make it difficult to break the Iceblocks, but I ended up meleeing them anyway, just to whittle their health down over the course of Phase 2. We worked on P3 through the trial-and-error system, working on how many stacks of Mystic Buffet should be the limit before we clear it through an iceblocked individual and when to break him out. It was a wonderful experience, and I wouldn't trade it for much.

The group that comprises this 10man were Alliance on a smaller PvP server that decided to xfer over. They have experience and a sense of camaraderie, including a lot of wonderful sarcasm. They started their own GDKP run based on this core, with the intent of pushing content. They are in it for the raiding and not the gold, and I absolutely love them for it. The leader dislikes how the other GDKP runs are placing a minimum bid of 2000g on every epic item in ICC25 (as opposed to the now standard 500g), and so far, our GDKP ICC25 is the only group capable of downing more than the first four bosses. The best part about all of this is that both the 10 and 25man raids start early, letting me raid at normal times while remaining with my friends on Kilrogg.

Life is pretty grand!


jaedia88 said...

Our 10 man group has 2 hunters, in the ice block phase we had the ranged kill the block we weren't standing behind. And the melee on the one we were. Of course the entire time having to watch out for her AoE.


Kheldul said...

Hunter 1.5?

stupidm said...

Silly question - What is GDKP and how does it work?

Negathle said...

stupidm said...

Oh! Korean style.