Saturday, February 6, 2010

Good-bye Greatness!

No more i200s! It's a wonderful relief to get rid of the year-old trinket, even though I feel a little guilty for going outside the guild to get it. I hate having to call it for my guildees at 11 pm server time because I'm falling asleep at 2 am, so I figured they would appreciate having a 10th that wouldn't cut their time short.

I ran the ICC10 with members of the GDKP community, but that didn't prevent it from being a little frustrating. We ended up calling it on Festergut due to tanks getting one-shot, but I had to fight for hunter's rights to stand still for a fight even before we called it. The same healer that scolded me for trying to down Twins faster couldn't understand why I was advocating one of the two hunters stand as a focal point for the range spore collapse as opposed to the shadow priest. I dunno, perhaps because spriests rely very little on stationary DPS, while hunters gain a considerable amount for it? The lack of bottom-line, basic class mechanic knowledge astounds me.


Eidtalheg said...

Congrats! I know I'm enjoying mine :D

The lack of bottom-line, basic class mechanic knowledge astounds me.

And that's why I don't raid-lead: I know very little about what's best for most other classes, but at least I know I don't know :P

Torgall said...

Ah the Skull... why is it some trinks seem to drop all the time, and others don't seem to really be in the game (for me anyway). The Skull has dropped every single week for us that ICC has been open. There's just no one left to give it to. We've sharded the last 3 I think. And yet I've still never seen a Needle to roll on (let alone Grim or Mjolnir). *sigh*

Grats! Glad you got to run some ICC.

Murloc Wrangler said...


Shagrat said...

I'm still using my greatness card... /sigh