Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I am poor again:

Man, Lady Taurens just look so bad-ass on that thing.

I suffered a severe brain fart: My thinking regarding my hit reverted back to the 9% cap instead of the 8%, and I was running around with over a percent extra for several weeks until one of our new hunters pointed it out to me. /headdesk

Luckily, it was short lived, as we tried out a double ToC run, where half of the raid would be mains and the other half would be alts, ensuring that more mains would get gear and less gear would be sharded. It was terribly confusing for me, for some odd reason, and I sorta played in a daze because of it. Nothing really awesome dropped for either group - just Twin's Pact again - but a certain belt did drop from Anub in my group, solving all hit problems and letting me spec into what is pretty much my ideal spec for our raid.

And then in H:ToC that night our fifth Twin's Pact dropped instead of something better, so I just said 'Fuck it, I'll live with the haste' and took it.

Now I'm figuring out some of the new gemming concepts that are coming out. Words through the grapevine mention Deady Ametrine being useful where gemming for some crit is actually better than gemming for pure Agility, depending on your crit rating. Me being the skeptic that I am (not to mention stubborn), I'd like to see some numbers for this, so besides plugging away at my own spreadsheet, one of you more math-inclined bloggers should totally do a post about this. Yeah, you.


Myze said...

Personally, I find that gemming Deadlies over Delicates only makes sense if the following conditions are true:

1. The item has no more than one yellow socket.
2. The item has no blue sockets.
3. The socket bonus is agility.

You can see my overall gem plan:

Also, despite the haste, heroic Twin's Pact seems to be second best-in-slot right now. I'd have one myself if I didn't pass it onto the druid tank.

lyraat said...

Using the dps per budget values from (me = SV hunter, so Agi = sweetness)...

Agi = 1.840
Crit = 1.107

20 Agi = 36.8
10 Agi + 10 crit = 29.47

Straight up, Delicate > Deadly.


Throw in a +4 yellow socket bonus and...

20 Agi = 36.8
10 Agi + 10 crit + 4 Agi = 36.83

Barely, but it wins.

Using a fellow guildie who runs MM...

Agi = 1.646
crit = 1.342

20 Agi = 32.92
10 Agi + 10 crit = 29.88
10 Agi + 10 crit + 4 Agi = 36.494

Of course, this assumes you're nowhere near 100% crit. Loatheb is fun and all... :D