Monday, November 9, 2009

Fuck Anub'arak's Leeching Swarm

The Big Bad Bug is not dead yet, but we are getting closer. With several goes at Phase 3, it is now a healer fight.

We tweeked our strat just a bit, taking the hunters off of Misdirection and Volley duty all together. Our AoE is crap compared to every other class', so we went single target only with better results; Anub is going down about 27% each phase, and that's with several new people in the raid. We are getting through each attempt fairly cleanly, and while stupid mistakes always happen, even our best attempts get fucked over by the encounter's bugginess. Ready to ship and working as intended, my pretty little butterfly ass...

Sometimes the adds aggro onto the MT for no apparent reason (no taunt, no DPS, nada), resulting in them slow to the ice. Sometimes the targeted player for the pursuing spikes will outrange the spell, and it will switch without warning. Sometimes the spikes won't register the ice and just kill the player ontop of the ice instead. It's enough to drive you mad.

Regardless, we are getting closer, and I'm okay with the hunter's new roles. Pre-potting before the pull and popping CDs within the first ten seconds ensures that Call of the Wild will be up again and access to a Frost Resist potion will be available for P3 . No mana worries either, since the boss is being judged for Wisdom and life is grand. Fifteen seconds in Viper during P2 sets you up perfectly for each return to P1. Just be warned though - if you pop CotW with Bloodlust as you near or begin P3, it probably won't be up again if you wipe soon after. It's a massive pain in the ass as we try and work on it.

Oh, and if your Hunters are not Tranqing the adds in P2, I swear I will reach through the computer and punch them. Hard. In the gonads.

Big Bad Bug go boom soon, I hope.


Muron said...

Is your Main tank a druid? Because if so then he may be pulling threat with glyph of Maul (maul anub and and add).

Unholy DK and Paladins also have alot of random AoE threat that could possibly cause it.

We encountered the problem with people on top of the ice being killed by the spikes as well, to counteract this we have everyone make sure to get fully behind the ice patch to avoid this.

Negnin said...

Iwe been reading your blog for some time now and now i really need to ask something ! :P

Why would we Tranq shot them in ph2, please explain :) //Negnin (europe server)

Shagrat said...

@Negnin-Tranq shot removes the frenzy affect from the beetles, making them move slower and not hit as hard.

Ofc, you could always have a rogue stick anesthetic poison and run around FoKing the shit out of them.

Kheldul said...

Just use a mouse-over Tranq Shot macro and it's stupid-simple.

Negathle said...

Aye, but it's rare that many will enrage at once. I've seen two be enraged at the same time, but never three or more, so it is more effective for hunters to be on watch imo. Regardless, as one of the two classes that can remove the Enrage (or, Determination, I believe it is called on the beetles), hunters should always be prepared to deal with it.

Shagrat said...

I just like seeing rogues on bitch duty. :(