Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Looking out for Number One

It's a very strange experience playing this game for myself. My entire Warcraft career has been a joint venture with others, and now that no one else exists, I am discovering what it's like to do it alone.

It's not very fun.

For three years, it was the Boy. I credit WoW with a lot towards maintaining our long-distance relationship, and while in the early years I was concerned what would happen should one of us quit, when he finally could no longer raid due to work conflicts in our fourth yeah, I wasn't too worried. We both had enough on our plates to keep us motivated until graduation.

So I started playing for the raiders. This was never a genuine altruistic endeavor, since I raid to have fun as well, but the thought of being relied upon kept me logging in every night. I enjoyed having that responsibility, and in a sad sorta way, I needed it. Social life, what is that?

Now the Boy is playing Chocobo's Dungeon (a dangerously cute game) and the raiders are gone - what's a girl to do? Being guildless sucks. Do you know what it's like to actually enjoy Trade Chat?! It's horrific! But damn that social interaction, and how addictive it is. I have been hanging out in the old Vent server, but that'll be gone on December 1st. I did have a successful venture with a Gnome Mage looking to swap Steady Hands, and that was fun.

I really should find some sort of squatter guild, just so when I do log on, I won't be so lonely.

(Also, if some one wants to get me a Christmas present, the t-shirt I've wanted forever is finally for sale.)

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Gary said...

It seems that you are not ready to quit WoW at this point, not until you get to see Arthas takes his final breath.

I am certain that there are other good horde raiding guilds on your server. Find one and it will be their gain to add you into their raiding ranks.

Oh, and please, please, do not faction transfer to the alliance side just so that you can find a home. :)