Thursday, October 22, 2009

Negathle's Achievement Services

News of my last Loremaster profit snaked out to other raiders, and now I have another client - 8000g for a little more than 400 quests. On top of it, he's paying another 1000g for miscellaneous quests like The Coin Master and Well Read.

Fortunately, this time the buyer is a BC baby, and his missing quests follow a more predictable path. It is going to take a good week and a half, in all likelihood, just due to the sheer number of quests needed, and since this is Azeroth, it takes a looooong time to commute. Happily though, he skipped some of my favorite zones, allowing me to relive them again without that whole leveling stress.

So... Any other buyers out there? This is considerably more profitable than dailies. :)


Ashvoyager said...

it's a great service for lazy jerks like me!

Shagrat said...

9k for a bunch of achievements? That's a hell of a lot better than grinding dailies. Unfortunately, I'm far too lazy to finish these achievements on my own character, much less doing them for someone else. Kudos to you for finding an extremely profitable venture.