Thursday, October 1, 2009

Look! Look! Misdirection doesn't suck as much!

Misdirection: Redesigned. Instead of having finite charges, it now begins a 4-second timer when the hunter using Misdirection performs a threat-generating attack, during which all threat generated by the hunter goes to the friendly target. In addition, multiple hunters can now misdirect threat to the same friendly target simultaneously.

So it's still not as good as Tricks of the Trade, but it's good to know that hunters are at least getting some love back as the original bearers of the ability.

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Anonymous said...

One of the things I'm going to love about this is Autoshot will no longer accidentally consume MD, causing my next shot to pull aggro. It'll also be great on fights like Ignis where tank stand in spot A and hunter is in spot B and the rest of the group has sit and wait even longer for the boss to run to the tank before dpsing (or even healing). With multiple hunters in the group, the tank should have a nice cushion before the mob ever gets to him. Hunters have been given a slight bit of raid utility again. Wahoo!