Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My brain is melting

With my GRE on Thursday, I've been trying to cram a lot of studying in the past week with the result that even trying to write a word feels arduous. Seriously, I am double-checking every single word I see, freaking out that it is spelled incorrectly. The majority of my English skills seemed to have resigned in protest, such that it takes me two minutes to conjure up a correct turn of phase. All of this summing up to how much I hate tests.

The best part of doing all of this vocab studying is the recognition of words used in WoW that don't necessarily mean what they do in the proper English usage. Take 'enervate'. My first impression was, "Oh, it's sorta like innervate, so it must mean 'to infuse' or some such." Nope. It means 'to weaken'. Fuck. Luckily, some words, like neophyte or zealot are dispersed throughout the game. I smiled a bit when I saw raiment on my vocab list. I wonder if the creators of items and NPCs have a well-thumbed thesaurus on their desk.

To make matters worse, I wanted to do a thorough post concerning the social side of ingame raiding and the implications when it is ignored, but my bogged-down mind simply failed at iterating my intentions. Poo.

Anyway, happy server-maintenance Tuesday!


Ayonel said...

Good luck on your test, and try to remember that 'star dying' really shouldn't come up on most GRE's unless you are writing an essay on black holes. ;p

Stupid Mage said...

I am glad that you have not posted anything for a little while. I may miss it, but it's a sign that you are getting important stuff in order. A good thing.