Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Negathle, Astral Ranger

Not that I felt anything like Chuck Norris last night. It was a weird day all around - somehow our rent didn't go through, so we got a scary notice on our front door; the Boy got chided at work for leaving a lecture early he's attended twice already - just a bunch of strange deviations that sorta caught us off guard and left me caught in quicksand early on in the raid night.

We had nine attempts left in H:ToC25, so we decided to knock them out first. Our first attempt on the Val'kyr was great - a perfect repeat of our best attempts from Thursday. I was happy to do it again and down the pair, but everything sorta fell to pieces, along with my enthusiasm. I vividly recall watching one black ball travel up right behind the light-attuned raid and thinking, "Bloody hell, I should run forward to dodge it, but I'll still get hit by the splash damage," so I sat there, ate it, and died. After the first attempt of the night, the bosses started moving strangely as well. I'm not sure what the tanks were going for, but the first mob we were on kept backtracking into the raid, leaving me struggling to find the sweetspot between doing deeps and being able to click on the portal. This was the first time it had happened in all of our attempts (and, regretfully, not the last), and my mind in its already perturbed state wasn't coming up with the clever solution it is capable of producing, so I just dealt with it stupidly, nipping the big deeps I had produced on our first attempt in the bud. On our last attempt, I was sat, whether for dying to orbs or not switching attunements fast enough (I certainly hope it was the former - I was clicking on portals as fast as neurons fire), which left me even more flustered.

Off to the Starry Dude, where we downed him in four attempts. I got scolded for just killing stars without regard to the Cosmic Smashes after the first try, something that is part of my job, and all I could give back was a weak "I'll try" for the next. I died twice to Big Bang - once because I didn't know it was coming (adding confusion to why my DBM wasn't showing all bars), the other as I was half in a black hole portal. On our kill, I had died to a star exploding (I think), rezed, only to die again as I ran to set myself up for the last 20% and phased into a black hole portal. There should be a vid of it coming up soon, so you can all watch my badness in action.

So I left raid, went to Dalaran to watch the little event, and got even more pissed at this little snippet:

A day of non-sequitors topped of with this. Can I defect to the Blue Dragonflight now? Please?

Anyway, at least my arenas went as well as could be expected for an early Monday afternoon. It helped that Ulduar25 was kind to us (we one-shotted every boss except Firefighter, which was a three-shot) and provided me with a some lovin':

I wing-clip you with a constellation!


Shagrat said...

Sounds like me on our Twin Valk kill last night. I'm soaking white orbs, get swarmed by about for dark orbs and promptly die. Get rebirthed, get set up and die to almost the exact same thing about a minute or two later, get rebirthed again and this time lived until the end. I'm so glad nothing good dropped, I wouldn't have deserved any of it.

At least you've killed Algalon. I've haven't killed or seen him in 10 or 25 man version.

Kordwar said...

There's a video out there of me dying on sapph, getting a battlerez from the main tank and rezzing to rocketboot behind one of the blocks, almost wasted that Brez :P