Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thorim Hard Mode Vid (Hunter POV)

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We downed the big handsome hulk hard mode three weeks ago, and I think this is our second kill. It shows some the basic movement strategies for range, though the guy has some of his graphics down, so it makes seeing the Blizzard a bit difficult. Also, he's a clicker, and yes, he deserves all the grief we give him :P His UI is not as good as the last guy's, but all considered, it is a much improvement from his old one.

I recommend turning on some nice music - no audio here.


Pike said...

Woot, three cheers for us clickers!

Moriquendi said...

Awesome. :)

What was the makeup of the arena group, just out of curiosity?

Negathle said...

I think the arena had all the melee and either one or two tanks, then all the healers except one or two, and finally the spriest for the MC. Sometimes we keep a hunter in there for Frost Trap as well.

Anonymous said...

my name is doranato and i approve clicking =D

we single tanked and two healed the arena with all melee btw