Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another straw

It's a silly matter really. When I first heard of the new legendary coming from Icecrown, my first reaction was "Legendary Stat-Stick, wooooo -_-" Yes, I was happy a Legendary would specifically be limited to the Hunters and DKs (unlike that bow), but at the same time I disliked the further depreciation of the orange gear that started with Sunwell. Two Legendaries, back-to-back again? This one, nothing more than a showpiece on a Hunter's back? Hunters were deserving, there was no opposing thought in my mind, since Kil'Jaeden essentially went the way of Kel'Thuzud 1.0 (and let's not even touch the first time a rogue picked up that beauty to "match" his glaives). But, really, a legendary stat-stick?

Then, it turned out to be a joke. An old-school joke, prominent in the day, but calcified and forgotten now: "It's a Hunter weapon." "But, sir, it's a shield-" "HUNTER WEAPON."

We've experienced Ghostcrawler's attempts at jokes before. Recall Yogg's speed-kill achievement of 22 minutes? The 31 bosses in Icecrown? Those were broad jokes, not aimed at any specific player base. But this one called out the Hunters, something I didn't think they had the balls to do considering the homogenation they've enforced. They poked fun at one of the most emotionally-charged classes of this game (which, leads me to wonder, the perecentage of women players per class...), and then shrugged it off. I'm less angry about the lack of a new Hunter legendary than I am about Blizzard's attempt at comedy. Because that was just stupid.



Kordwar said...

I love how all the casters are saying "we only had a few months to get our legendary!" when they had all of BC to get theirs. Thori'dal was only an upgrade for a few months and iirc the first was given to a rogue.

Criven said...

What drives me mental about the "Hunter weapon. lol, greedy hunters" mentality is the following:

Yes, melee weapons are stat sticks for us, but they're disproportionately large stat sticks!

Due to the way Blizz has budgeted itemisation, melee weapons carry massively more stats than same ilevel ranged weapons.

So while, (obviously) a melee class should get first call on a tooltip DPS upgrade (similarly, we should get the same benefit in ranged weapons), past that there should be no favouritism between the classes.

I guess it annoys me so much, because it was 3.1 before I finally managed to lose my runeblade due to that wretched "melee weapon is for melee" attitude.