Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In Which Neg Rages At Her Computer

Typically, I'm a very calm (if not boring) WoW player. I stare at my screen, move the keys and mouse, maybe adjust my legs around to keep circulation up. To disengage from a constant four-hour view of raid, I have a 30-gallon freshwater fish tank directly to my right that I can watch to keep me alert. I mutter expletives to myself for a myriad of reasons, but I'm mostly silent if I'm not provoked into speaking over Vent. So in a room full of gamers, I should think I wouldn't be remarkable in the slightest.

Unless I rage.

I must have been channeling a certain blueberry last night, as honestly, I can't recall a time I was more frustrated at what was happening at my screen. I lagged out, twice, in Trial of the Crusador; once during the one-shot of the Twin Valkyrs. And I couldn't figure out how to fix it.

I restarted my computer, turned off some of my heavy-memory addons. No luck. Behind me, the Boy commented that even Diablo was lagging a bit. We've had both games running at the same time without issues before, so we knew our bandwidth wasn't the problem. I prodded him further about any background apps he had running. He told me to stay calm -_-

The fact of the matter is I hate sitting out because of an outstanding issue I have no control over. I've mentioned before about my impatience on such matters. Even worse, I hate sitting out on nights I have every desire to raid. I had no interest in the loot - I had motivation to see the new encounter, sure - but I needed scant in Ulduar. But, like most Tuesdays, I'm in the raiding mood, I need my hit of fresh instance, just to keep me going for the week! Yes, my name is Neg, and I am addicted to raiding.

So, once I confessed to the issue and consequently sat, I left raid and played in some battlegrounds for awhile (lagged), then jumped over to my baby shaman to finish up some quests (and lagged). I was in a foul mood - the Boy even suggested we go watch some TV while he rubbed my feet. So, we did. There was an hour and a half left for raid, 28 guildees were on, I told the GM to text me if needed, I went off to spend some quality time with the Boy. And not even the footrubs eased my mood.

I take this game too seriously, methinks.


the vamp said...

its wasn't just you on my server we got dced 4 times and once it was right after a boss kill and our loot disappeared so i hear ya

Kheldul said...

We were in the Champion raid last night and right off the bat, some fire on the floor and four people DC (two being healers). It wasn't a good start. They were in geo-distant locations (different countries too) with good hardware. So there was something funky in Blizzardville.

Kordwar said...

did you see they're adding new drums?

Negathle said...

@ Kordwar

No wai

Kordwar said...

is tru

"Drums of Forgotten Kings - Heavy Borean Leather x 8, Icy Dragonscale x 8 - Gives all members of the raid or group the Blessing of Forgotten Kings, increasing total stats by 8% for 30 min. "

"Drums of the Wild - Heavy Borean Leather x 4, Jormungar Scale x 20 - Gives the Gift of the Wild to all party and raid members, increasing armor by 750, all attributes by 37 and all resistances by 54 for 1 hr."

windpaw said...

I want "Drums of the Blood Elf Death Knight" - so I never have to group with one again.

hunterstuff said...

Ohh you totally should have seen me on Wednesday.. Faction Champions.. 2 hours.. HORRID setup, and I hate that boss. Not to mention one of our officers being a patronising ****... I ended up exploding a little :p you're not alone