Friday, August 28, 2009

Character Work

I've been a bit rusty on my RP stories lately. I have the ideas in mind, but the jumble of thoughts on raiding, DPS, and the daily grind has them scattered and aimless. So, while I only read one RP-blog dutifully (Lady Tauren FTW), I do enjoy going through other's links to find more inspiration for my character's back story, particularly since I think I need more work thinking about aspects that are not directly seen through the game interface. This is from Warpriestess as a character building exercise; Steps 1-4 are listed here, Steps 5-8 will come later.

Step 1
Write five sentences about your character. Each sentence should be about a different part of your character’s life.

1. Neg dislikes trivial items and actions when there is work to be done.
2. At five years old, she watched her mother's family be slaughtered by harpies.
3. Her relationships with her pets are mostly unspoken.
4. If she has the option, she will refuse to work with the Forsaken or the Blood Elves out of principle.
5. While Neg is relatively young, she looks far older since she rarely exhibits emotions.

Step 2
Add two more sentences to each of the above on the same topics.

1. When there is a goal in mind, she will work tirelessly until it is completed. To waste a second to distractions infuriates her.
2. All young Tauren would go to her mother's clan to begin their rites of strength. She only survived the harpy raid by hiding behind a bag of ore.
3. Neg's mute relationship with her pets is not the result of lack of communication, but perfect observation. They do not need to speak in order to convey intent and information.
4. To defy the will of the Earth Mother is the greatest sacrilege Neg could imagine, so to upset the balance of nature is nothing short of disgusting to her. The Forsaken's existence alone is repulsive, and the Blood Elves' greed for power is too reminiscent of the Alliance for her taste.
5. She believes it is her memories of the days before the Horde formed that make her appear older than she really is. However, it doesn't help that she is one of the few non-healing female Tauren still active.

Step 3
Write a single sentence in opposition to the above sentences.

1. She has a small collection of memorabilia that she doesn't like to admit.
2. Her only surviving elder is her paternal grandmother.
3. Neg has only tamed one creature in opposition to its will.
4. She has only ever trusted one Forsaken with her life, and when he did not betray her trust, she became more open minded towards him.
5. She can outrun most of her peers.

Step 4
Add two more sentences to each of the above on the same topics.

1. While she finds self-decoration uninteresting, Neg does have a small cache of beautiful feathers, leaves, and other items that caught her eye over her travels. She considers it her small window of natural beauty when she is confined to more unsavory locals.
2. She wonders how life would be different raised in a stationary clan. The thought of so many families in one place overwhelms her.
3. While she was instantly attracted to the dark blue Soulflayer, its will was rebellious, and it defied their supposedly-mutual understandings many times. It was the only pet Neg ever released out of frustration.
4. As her understanding of the Forsaken increased, she felt increasingly more pity for them. However, she determined she could never fully be able to empathize with their existence, and would sooner take her own life than be reduced to such a state.
5. Growing up in the Barrens gifted her with the love of racing across the savanna. It was a skill that parent Tauren encouraged due to the rampaging centaur.


Anonymous said...
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Negathle said...

And this is why I do not like anonymous commenting.

Have the balls to post your name, eh?

Llyrra said...

Neg, thanks (and thanks to Lady Arcania) for the truly great rp exercise. I've recently become interested in developing a backstory for my characters but have been struggling to nail down some approaches to doing so.

I'm also a fairly new reader to your blog... thank you for the wonderful work. I really enjoy it and you're now a daily hit for me.

Negathle said...

You know, I love imagining my character's lives, even though I never RP IRL, I really enjoy giving my imagination a good stretch to give my toons a bit of a soul. A bit of creativity does the mind good :)