Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Faction Champions: Hunter How-To

This week we get our introduction to the Faction Champions in the Coliseum. This 25 vs. 10 fight was not as simple as it first appeared on the PTR. Like PvP, all CC and ability impairments have shorter durations and increased diminishing returns, so this is not a simple CC and burn one down at a time fight.

While it would be nice to assign each individual with a mob to CC, in reality, it is considerably more hectic than that, what with the 10 Champions also CCing you. For this fight, I strongly recommend having Silencing Shot (despite the ArPen spec saying otherwise) to interrupt heals and making some macros to help you out. The ones I made:

/tar Cat
/cast Scare Beast
(or a simple one liner of /cast [target=Cat] Scare Beast)

/tar Alyssia Moonstalker
/cast Viper Sting
(/cast [target=Alyssia Moonstalker] Viper Sting)

While we decided the hunters in the raid would be responsible for the hunter and her pet, she still makes a nice mana battery since she was one of the last to be killed. We kept her chain trapped as well as possible (I saw her resist many of mine) and her pet chain feared. We burned down the healers first (priest -> shaman -> druid) before working on the high DPS.

Watch that your Hunter's Mark and Serpent Sting are not dispelled (soooo annoying), and pew pew!


Rilgon Arcsinh said...

Couldn't you just do:

/cast [target=Cat] Scare Beast


/cast [target=$HUNTERS_NAME] Viper Sting


Negathle said...

Yes, but it was spur of the moment and I had to do what I was used to :P

Kordwar said...

my scare beast and viper are mouseover macros >.>

Thunderhorns said...

We did this on 10 man. Once we isolated the healers and killed them, it was a cake fight. We focused CC on the damage dealers and took the healers down.

I DGed one of the healers so we could isolate him and set up on him without interruption. Then focused on keeping him from healing himself throughout the fight, me, the mage, and the warrior.

Kind of annoying fight if you have quite a few with no pvp experience.