Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Pull

Since I PuG more often then not these days, I find I get a lot of tells requesting my opening shot rotation.

Here it is:

Misdirect -> Serpent Sting with Rapid Fire/Call of the Wild Macro and Kill Command-> Chimera Shot -> Aimed Shot ->
->Misdirect -> Chimera Shot -> Aimed Shot and Kill Command -> Steady -> Steady -> etc. until Rapid Fire is done, then pop it again.

This is a massive amount of damage within the first 15 seconds or so, particularly with any number of trinket, pet abilities, and set bonus procs.

However, the one single greatest annoyance I have after listing all this out is when they ask afterward, "Why Misdirect?" And I never fail to answer, "Because there is absolutely no reason not to."

I understand that in order to remain competitive in the Big Name Guilds you want to be smart about your cooldown usage. It's a cutthroat DPS race on the meters out there, and the last thing you want to do is waste some potential-damage GCDs on a support spell. But this is not the time to be stingy about your GCD - this is the pull. The raid is setting up positions, tanks are moving the boss, most debuffs are still being applied. Right now, hunters OWN the damage, and with that comes some acceptance of sacrifice for the greater good. And really, with the amount of damage that you can do in the three seconds following that second Misdirect, it is more like the Best Possible Good You Could Ever Do.

So, no, don't waste a GCD on a Misdirect when the tank is so far above everyone else you can see his pink panties, but do be smart about the support spells you own. It is part of the class and expected of you to use it with the same intelligence that determines your cooldown rotation. As Ms. Martha would say, "It's a Good Thing."


Anonymous said...

I love MD. I use it perhaps a bit too much. But too much is far better than not enough. 5 GCDs lost over a 6-minute fight drops dps a bit, but allows everyone else to plow away. If the raid isn't threat-capped (not a huge deal in Wrath, but still a concern), the raid can pump out more damage. You lose a bit of dps but the raid gains dps. Win.

Anonymous said...

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aerynn said...

What other people (ie, non-hunters) don't also realise is that while other DPS classes have to start slow or risk overtaking a tank by too much spike damage, hunters can just unload on cooldowns from the get go with just the loss of one GCD cycle.

So yeah, it's a pet annoyance when either a situation that you describe happens... or when this happens: because of my MD, I suddenly pull away in terms of DPS and damage done from the get go without generating any threat... and then they, including the tank (who should know better) start scolding me, saying "Ease up, huntard, or you'll pull the mob!"

It doesn't matter that I've used macros and later an add-on to announce that I'm misdirecting: they equate all this burst damage as threat.