Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Dilemma

When I discovered that one of the officers of my Turalyon guild had returned to server, I was intrigued. His health hadn't been doing well, and despite his less than, how shall we say, amicable attitude, I was genuinely concerned for his well-being. After chatting for a bit, he suggested I apply to the guild that had replaced and surpassed our guild. After all, it had absorbed several other guildees, and he could vouch for me. I provided the usual excuses (costs, time, etc), but I did app out of morbid curiosity. Ah, who am I kidding. I want to fucking raid again. Really RAID. At least, I think I do.

Initially, my app was put on hold, and I admit I breathed a sigh of relief. Half of me has really been enjoying having four evenings off to get things done around the house, watching a movie with the Boy, spending time in the outside world. I was okay with my app being backlogged and even forgotten. A few days latter, however, I received notice that they would be interested in trying me. So much for that plan.

Half of me thinks this is the jump start I need to enjoy the game to the end. Half of me thinks I should just let it go and move on with my life. I just got accepted to grad school at the University of Virginia. I have a wedding coming up in July. I have local friends OUTSIDE THE GAME *gasp*. I think I'm going to say no. I really don't want to say no.

Being an adult sucks.


Ayonel said...

Welcome to my world. It is absolutely not easy trying to be a serious raider while, say, having a job(rather, a career) and a family. Add in grad school, a shadow of a former workout routine, and those friend things you're talking about, and yeah, things start falling off.

I only raid 3 nights a week, but that, combined with WoW in general, leaves me overextended.

Odd thing this WoW. You love doing it, but sort of wish it would end. It makes me miss consle games where you play until you kill the last boss, then give the game to a friend.

Tucker said...

Good luck in that farce of a guild. Make sure they tell you why your app was on hold.

Negathle said...

Hi Kezz - I said no. But do tell what sort of wonderful drama has been up.

Tucker said...

Eh you'd have to hear it from them because I can't even explain it myself. Short story, some Fusion hunter joined them for a day, quit, joined again then transferred to alliance to play with Might.

Within the process I complained that he didn't really want to be here, the proceeded to kick me for god knows why, I'm in a much better place now though. If you really want a semi-casual good place to raid I can help you.

Negathle said...

Yes, I heard about those escapades, no details beyond the name drop. Such silliness and ego.

Post a link to said guild, and I'll take a look.

Anonymous said...

Just go raid. You know you want to. If I know you by even the smallest bit, most of your wedding planning is already done. You can't do anything for classes that haven't started yet either.

So you might as well get in some raiding. Just do it.