Friday, March 12, 2010


It only cost me 19,000g.

Cons: Every single time the trinket procs, I receive notification that I am now Patron Negathle instead of Matron Negathle. This gets extremely tiring very quickly.

You can't mount when it is procced.

Every race is male, evidently.



Euripides said...

Argh, I wish there were a gdkp run on my server. I'm still rocking a naxx trinket and the DMC:G :(

Monroe said...

Grr, there should definitely be female models. Grats, though!

Daniel said...

You can in fact mount using it... Or at least I can, in fact I like shooting those big adds that spawn near ICC summoning stone while waiting for the guildies so I get a Taunka proc and mount the HUGE Black War Mammoth!

Anonymous said...

very nice! YOU NEED TO COME BACK TO TURALYON! I'm trying to get the good players of escalation in this guild back. I need you to complete the trinity.

Negathle said...


I really want to. Like, really really REALLY want to. But I'm enjoying my evenings around town way too much.

Shagrat said...

Screw your trinket :(


But I did get a Death's Choice, to finally replace my aging DMC:G so it's not that bad I guess. NES is so terrible though.