Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fuck Zod's

Despite not personally killing the Lich King just yet, we plowed ahead on ICC10 Hard Modes, and Lady Deathwhisper decided to reward me for it. It feels sooooo good using a bow again, and I doubt I'll be replacing it any time soon.

It does seem that most of my posts lately have just been loot updates, but I'm sorry to say I haven't been playing very much to warrant a post! I've been tinkering on my baby boomkin - even practicing *gasp* healing! - but otherwise my RL has been keeping me very busy.


Anonymous said...

I love mine - I catch myself standing around with it equipped just because I love looking at it ;)

Oh yeah - make the with the Loremaster hints - (Horde) LM of Kalimdor is kicking my ass.

Negathle said...

Here is a post that lists a lot of the hard to find quests:

Make sure you check for all the easy to miss quests and NPC-dropped items in the starting zones, Barrens, and Ashenvale - they are the easiest to do and miss at the time. The Fallen Hero of the Horde quest line is great for both EK and Kalimdor, alone with the riddle game that begins in STV. There are not as many hidden hubs as there are just hidden quest givers - Desolace has a lot of these.

Anonymous said...


I so wish I could get cool drops on my Hunter. But I suppose I should just be happy that I can raid at all =)

Vaz said...

I love my Zod's, grats that you got one!

Vaz said...

Oops I mis-typed and meant to say Njordnar's, not Zod's!