Monday, December 7, 2009

Raiding Hunter Loot in 3.3

So here we are, the last content patch of the expansion. I'm slightly depressed that after all this time, the vast majority of the loot I'll be outlining here won't be available to me, but I can seek solace in the fact that others who will use this list will get the gear and use it well. I am happy that they are bringing back a faction to get rep with, along with a dungeon with many many bosses. I enjoy such instances, because they make me nostalgic for the raids of old. Hopefully I can get some raids in to see the content before I call it quits.

Fortunately, this time the annoying Horde- and Alliance-only names are left behind with the Argent Tournament. Normal and Hard Mode loot still exists, but it won't be as painful to list them out.

Tier pieces work in a similar way again, with three levels: 251, 264, and 277. Ilvl 251 can be bought with Emblem of Frost (the new Emblem of Triumph - just like the last patch, every instance except Icecrown 10/25 now drops Triumph, and everything new drops Frost) - 60 for the shoulders and gloves, 95 for the helm, chest, and pants. Ilvl 264 requires the 251 piece plus a tier token from Normal; ilvl 277 requires the 264 piece plus a heroic tier token from Hark Mode. As of right now, it is still unknown where the tokens drop.

As of the patch release, not all the loot is known (what with Arthas not being tested and all), so these will be updated as the instance progresses. For the most part, I will not be listing loot from the 5-man dungeons. However, some items (such as stat-sticks and trinkets) are notoriously difficult to have drop and/or win in some raids, so some upgrades may exist in the new 5-mans.

"Neg's Notes" are my eyeballing estimate of what is the best of the gear. I don't plug anything in to the spreadsheets, so I may very well be wrong with what is the optimal piece, but I'm fairly certain I'll be in the ballpark ;)

Taldron's Short-Sighted Helm - Normal/Hard Mode - Rotface 10
Snowserpent Mail Helm - Normal/Hard Mode - Lord Marrowgar 25
Tier 10/10.25/10.5

Neg's Notes: All three are acceptable, but since 4-piece tier is priority, gonna have to go with t10.25. Snowserpent is a nice alternative for a hit piece, which hopefully you won't need.

Precious' Putrid Collar - Normal/Hard Mode - Festergut 10
Rimetooth Pendant - Normal/Hard Mode - Sindragosa 10
Wodin's Lucky Necklace - Normal/Hard Mode - Trash 25 (Stinky and Precious?)
Sindragosa's Cruel Claw - Normal/Hard Mode - Singdragosa 25

Neg's Notes: Rimetooth Pendant is where it's at, with Wodin's Lucky Necklace as a hit alternative.

Pauldrons of Lost Hope - Normal/Hard Mode - Gunship Armory 10
Shoulderpads of the Morbid Ritual - Normal/Hard Mode - Professor Putricide 10
Dual-Bladed Pauldrons - Normal/Hard Mode - Rotface 25
Tier 10/10.25/10.5

Neg's Notes: Tier wins with no haste.

Recovered Scarlet Onslaught Cape - 50 Emblems of Frost
Shadowvault Slayer's Cloak - Normal/Hard Mode - Gunship Armory 25

Neg's Notes: Arthas better have a better piece of cloth up his sleeve, since there is nothing dropping for hunters at the moment. Save up your Frost Emblems, and make that cloak one of your first purchases for an easy upgrade if you never got chest loot in ToC10/25.

Longstrider's Vest - 95 Emblems of Frost
Hauberk of a Thousand Cuts - Normal/Hard Mode - Deathbringer Saurfang 10
Carapace of Forgotten Kings - Normal/Hard Mode - Festergut 25
Tier 10/10.25/10.5

Neg's Notes: This is tough to eyeball (sans the wowhead comparative loot table), but I'm just going to call tier for this as well, since I don't doubt that the set bonuses will outweigh any stats on better chests.

Icecrown Rampart Bracers - Normal/Hard Mode - Gunship Armory 10
Scourge Hunter's Vambraces - Normal/Hard Mode - Gunship Armory 25

Neg's Notes: This one will depend on your hit and ArPen. The 10man hit bracers also have a nice little chunk of more AP.

Logsplitters - 60 Emblems of Frost
Handgrips of Frost and Steel - Normal/Hard Mode - Lady Deathwhisper 10
Anub'ar Stalker's Gloves - Normal/Hard Mode - Valithria Dreamwalker 25
Tier 10/10.25/10.5

Neg's Notes: Well, here's a nice batch of guarenteed hit, so go with tier - though, those two red sockets on the 10man gloves are tempting...

Band of the Night Raven - 60 Emblems of Frost
Linked Scourge Vertebrae - Normal/Hard Mode - Lord Marrowgar 10
Blood-Drinket's Girdle - Normal/Hard Mode - Blood Prince Council 10
Nerub'ar Stalker's Cord - Normal/Hard Mode - Festergut 25

Neg's Notes: Once again, depending on your hit and ArPen, either the Festergut 25 or the badge belt are good - just stay away from the BPC10 one (ew, haste). I'm actually going to weigh in favor of the badge belt over the heroic Marrowgar10 piece as welll; the stats are identical, except for the sockets. The Marrowgar10 will be better if you don't have a better place to put your Nightmare's Tier, but if you do, those two yellow sockets in the badge belt are more welcoming than the blue and red.

Draconic Bonesplinter Legguards - Leatherworking made
Legguards of the Twisted Dream - Normal/Hard Mode - Valithria Dreamwalker 10
Leggings of Northern Lights - Normal/Hard Mode - Lady Deathwhisper 25
Tier 10/10.25/10.5

Neg's Notes: No competition here - Deathwhisper25 pants all the way. The LW pants are different by the normal version by a matter of 16 AP vs 8 Agil - and when the iValues are balanced, I still weigh in favor of Agil.

Rock-Steady Treads - Leatherworking made
Wyrmwing Treads - Normal/Hard Mode - Sindragosa 10
Taldron's Long Neglected Boots - Normal/Hard Mode - Festergut 10
Treads of the Wasteland - Normal/Hard Mode - Blood Prince Council 25

Neg's Notes: Once again, it depends on your hit and ArPen and what you can get vs what you need. Go for the BPC25 boots over the Sindragosa10, and both the Festergut10 and the LW made are good, just depends on your ArPen balance (though the LW sockets are fairly annoying).

Saurfang's Cold-Forged Band - Normal/Hard Mode - Deathbringer Saurfang 10
Seal of the Twilight Queen - Normal/Hard Mode - Queen Lana'thel 10
Band of the Bone Colossus - Normal/Hard Mode - Lord Marrowgar 25
Frostbrood Sapphire Ring - Normal/Hard Mode - Valithria Dreamwalker 25
Ashen Band of Vengeance/Greater Vengeance/Unmatched Vengeance/Endless Vengeance - Increasing rep with the Ashen verdict from Ormus the Penitent

Neg's Notes: I'm going to make a sweeping generalization that every ring with haste is bad, which leaves the Valithria25 ring and the rep ring. There, that was easy.

Herkuml War Token - 60 Emblems of Frost
Needle-Encrusted Scorpion - Devourer of Souls, Heroic Forge of Souls 5
Whispering Fanged Skull - Normal/ Hard Mode - Lady Deathwhisper 10
Deathbringer's Will - Normal/Hard Mode - Deathbringer Saurfang 25

Neg's Notes: Badge trinket bad, NES not as good as Mjolners/Grim Toll (10% proc on crits vs 15% proc on hits), the Fanged Skull is meh, and the Deathbringer's Will is awesome (for hunters). The spreadsheets will tell what combos will be at the top, and your luck will determine if you want to stay with the ArPen-procing trinket or reach the ArPen cap through gear/gems.

Stat Sticks
Orca-Hunter's Harpoon - Marwyn, Heroic Halls of Reflection 5
Quel'delar, Ferocity of the Scorned - Quest reward started from the Battered Hilt, a drop from any of the heroic new 5mans.
Hersir's Greatspear - Normal/Hard Mode - Blood Prince Council 10
Shaft of Glacial Ice - Normal/Hard Mode - Rotface 10
Bloodfall - Normal/Hard Mode - Bloog-Queen Lana'thel 25
Distant Land - Normal/Hard Mode - Festergut 25
Oathbinder, Charge of the Ranger-General - Normal/Hard Mode - The Lich King 25

Neg's Notes: We now have a stat-stick that does, indeed, say "Hunter Weapon". I'm also fairly positive that when you loot Oathbinder and equip it, a chorus of naked men/women (depending on your sexual orientation) will decend from the heavens in glorious trumpting for your disposal.

Njordnar Bone Bow - Normal/Hard Mode - Lady Deathwhisper 10
Stakethrower - Normal/Hard Mode - Blood-Queen Lana'thel 10
Zod's Repeating Longbow - Normal/Hard Mode - Lady Deathwhisper 25
Windrunner's Heartskeer - Normal/Hard Mode - The Lich King 10
Fal'inrush, Defender of Quel'thalas - Normal/Hard Mode - The Lich King 25

Neg's Notes: Well it's obvious now, what with the Lich King loot out. Too bad the best of the lot has haste (and is a bloody xbow...), but the second best of the lot is actually very pretty.

I would say they definitely got it right for loot this instance. Everything has a secondary option than you can balace with your other gear, though it does mean you will be accumulating a lot of gear to enchant and coordinate.

Once again, tell me if I missed something or my rational is screwy.

Have fun in Icecrown!


Criven said...

Quel'Delar, Ferocity of the Scorned is probably worth mentioning.

This tier and the off-sets looks marks-licious. A considerable itemisation improvement on the ToC gear.

H,S,C,G makes a solid 4 piece set leaving the legs free.

Rock Steady treads are basically boots of the living scale 2.0 and the emblem cloak is awesome.

Negathle said...

Thanks, I'll definitely update that one.

I agree it was going to be the legs off-tier with the other four, but still had to wait for the updates.

All the offset pieces look like there will be an hit option, and the beautiful trinket from *tear* Saurfang will probably allow for more hit.

heine said...

first of all thank you so much for taking the time to Put together this guide, but my real interest is not the gear itself, ive already trolled all forums i could find to see what items dropped, the real question for me is.. what should i pick from emblems first? what gives the highest dps increase?

Criven said...

heine, plug the gear into this dps model and you'll get a fair idea:

People really can't tell you what will give you the best personal dps increase - since it depends almost entirely upon your own gear set.

We can tell you what is and isn't well itemized.

Negathle said...

@ Heine

I hear where you are coming from, and I fully intended to put which you should get first, but I wanted to wait until the list was finished.

Like the last tier of content, I strongly encouraged hunters to get their Pauldrons of the Devourer for a cheap 45 badges and get BiS. But since all the gear is not known right now, I can't say if any piece of gear is BiS and by getting it, ceasing all concern for that gear slot. A further complication is the fact that the first level of tier is *required* to get the next level of tiers, and unless there is another way to get them besides badges, 310 badges will be spent on tier alone (for the four piece).

If there is no better cloak alternative (which I find unlikely), the cloak is a good low-badge priority. However, I don't think it can be argued that saving up for the big tier pieces will more provide more DPS per badge than any of the minor ones. That said, my first badge purchase will be the T10 chest.

Criven said...

Minor point, the spreadsheet is rating the Armor Pen trinkets as MR,NES,GT not MR,GT,NES.

Freakz said...

Bro just want to know.. which piece of tier should i get first? helm ?

Negathle said...


Freakz said...

thanks ^^ anyway your are so pretty ^^

Freakz said...

Hello Negathle its me again ... just wanna ask you ... can you compile a post that show MM hunter BiS ? i cant found any up-to-date post in da web ><

Negathle said...

No can do, Freakz - I quit WoW a month ago and haven't kept up with it. Generally the Elitest Jerks thread tries to keep up to date with the BiS, but you generally have to wade through all the math to get to it:

Good luck!