Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Since I can no longer raid with my guild, I'm happy to have an excuse to pug a 10 or 25 man from time to time. Of course, it's also tough to get into a run that won't take me past midnight, as well, so if I can get into a scheduled raid, I'm happy to.

On my server, a group does three GDKP runs a week, and the one I partake is at 2:30 PST (so 5:30 my time). If you are as unfamiliar with the concept of GDKP as I was, it goes something like this: If you want an item of loot from a boss, you place a bid of gold. In our case, everything (except Crusader Orbs) starts at a 500g bid, and each increasing bid must be 50g or more. People have five seconds from the last bid to place the next one until a top bidder wins. The gold is paid to the master looter, and at the end of the night, the total gold of all items sold is then divided up equally among the raiders. For really good nights of weapons and trinkets, the payout can be around 5000g; for a poor night, it might be 1500g or less. My first run was 1950g, and I loved it.

There is only one thing I need out of normal ToC25 now, and that is the highest bid item, so I essentially see this as me helping out 24 other people that need gear, and getting paid for doing something I love. Win-win all around.

It was strange doing new strats for old fights. I'm so partial to our Twins strategy, and then approaching the fight in a very simple way was sorta disheartening, not to meantion DPS-draining. (They had all range black-attuned and all melee white-attuned, meaning I only had a 1/3 of the debuffs I needed on the boss, and mana sucked kodo testicles. Next time, I'm stealing the melee's white orbs.) Doing Anub the safe-safe-safe way meant there were so many frost patches down, it looked like it was week one of the encounter. It was amusing, if bittersweet. However, the strangest thing was at the end, when everyone lined up nice and straight to get the pay-out:

It's like we're British, or something!

Doing only normal-modes does make me realize how much I'm starting to miss the challanges of hard-modes. I might coerce the Boy into letting me stay up late this weekend for a 10 man. Shhhh....


Anonymous said...

Ya, every raid does fights a little differently, every server does things in their own fashion. My first XT kill with my new guild was a bit of a shocker. Raid leader said, "Spread out...And go!" My wife and I looked at each other and said, "WTF? In the middle?" Before we could ask where to stand, the fight started. I got the light debuff, didnt know what to do, ran out of the group (because that's what I always did), died. Go me. Ah, the joys of learning fights with a new group :D

Ashvoyager said...

you're all in queue! AWWW, HOW ADORABLE!

p.s. i didn't see any boomkins in that picture. SAD!

Kheldul said...

Hey Rea, update your armory link. ;-)

Negathle said...

Thanks for the reminder, Khel ;)

Anonymous said...