Sunday, December 13, 2009

I spent waaaaay too much on gear today

I can't say I haven't had much to spend my gold on lately. Since all I've been doing is PvPing, I don't get gear upgrades nor have to repair much, and arrows last forever when autoshots don't have time to fly between members of the Alliance. I tentatively have been saving up for epic flying on a couple of alts, but all in all, just hording for a rainy day. Ironically, it rained the majority of the day in Northern Virginia.

Around 10 AM server time, someone in trade started a bid war on a Battered Hilt. Now, unless you have Heroic Hellion Glaive, a MM hunter looks at that very hungrily. Right now, I have 102 stat points wasted on haste, and I would like to get rid of that. So I started bidding, and luckily enough, the seller is in a rush, and I won for 8500g. The poor sap easily lost 1.5k or more, but business is business. Tomorrow I'll have a Quel'Delar to match the Boy's old Quel'Serrar. Even though I loose around 50ish AP, that 99 crit is worth it.

Tonight I hopped in another GDKP run, and while there were some bumps through ToC25 (more on that later), we followed with the pug's first foray into ICC25. We one shotted Morrowgar, then spent the rest of the time on Deathwhisper, and my it was a hunter's night. Morrowgar dropped the hit helm, and Deathwhisper dropped the ArPen pants. I was a bit poorer that afternoon than I was earlier, but I topped the bid with 5.5k, and won. We earned more with two bosses in ICC25 than on all five bosses in ToC25.

The questline for Quel'Delar is fun, and I won't spoil it for you. You do get to venture into the other faction's side of Dalaran, which means I finally got to explore the beer garden:

Tonight's GDKP run of ToC25 hit a stressful note when we hit Twin Valks. Last time I mentioned that their strat is to put all the melee on black and all the ranged on white. Well, this strat is easy enough to explain, but not exactly optimal on damage, mainly because a class of great dps is severly gimped: The hunters. So I said in raid "I'm going to go white with the melee", took the white attunment (watched the other hunter do the same), and we stood together on one side. About halfway in, the raid leaders noticed we were white, and while I said we were fine (and we were), they were not happy.

Once the bosses were down (in less than three minutes), one of the leaders asked me why I was the "wrong" attunement, and I explained: By keeping the hunter's on the caster target, you are severely gimping the overall DPS of the raid. I tried to explain it wasn't a matter of not getting to do "leet dps" or being purposely annoying - having hunters dps a target that have the appropriate debuffs makes the fight shorter. She tried to say that having multiple attunements in the range made it more stressful for the healers, but I pointed out that we would only get splash damage (neither of us hit an orb) and by having more dps, the fight would be shorter and the healers would heal less. Obviously I was in the wrong for not doing what the raid leader said, but it was not maliciously - it was to better the raid. It was smoothed over, but I'm debating whether or not I want to do the fight with them again, or discuss the strat with the leaders. It's just silly.

Anyway, we are going to finish the ICC25 tomorrow, and I am quite eager :3


Shagrat said...

Next time you get questioned as to why you are the 'wrong' attunement, just link them this handy list of target debuffs.

Debuffs brought by melee dps that are beneficial to hunters:

Judgement of Wisdom
Savage Combat/Blood Frenzy
Feral Faerie Fire
Heart of the Crusader
Ebon Plaguebringer

Debuffs Brought by Caster DPS:
Earth and Moon
Totem of Wrath (crit chance)
Feral Faerie Fire
...that's it.

There's a difference between not listening to the raid leader just because you don't want to and not listening to the raid leader when doing so would be detrimental to the raid. In this case, your point wins out because you increase the DPS brought by the raid, which shortens the fight, which requires less healing.

Ashvoyager said...

gah! you spent my gold!

Negathle said...

You still owe me!

Kordwar said...

i keep trying to sneak in, i just want some beer :(